Linnéa Sjöberg


Linnéa Sjöberg (b. 1983, SE) lives and works in Berlin. She holds an MA from The Royal Institute of Art in StockholmLinnéa Sjöberg’s artistry is characterized by a dedicated research practice wherein her own life conditions are continuously hypothesized and put to the test. In performative projects lengthy enough to border on personal life chapters, the artist has immersed herself in roles such as the striving businesswoman in Gtds4810 (2009-2011) and the unruly tattooist in Salong Flyttkartong (2012-2014). Cloaked in these characters she has gathered information concerning the implications of identity formation. In a chapter ending of sorts this information is processed and accounted for in the form of physical manifestations as varied as vacuum-sealed clothing, cardboard collages and intricate textile weavings executed on a traditional loom by the artist herself.The energetic and colorful woven tapestries by Linnéa Sjöberg function as textile archives: assemblages of yarn, fur, wool, videotapes and existing pieces of clothing woven together. The act of weaving goes back to her childhood and runs through her family line, tracing back to her grandmother’s rag rugs that were woven togeth- er by the family’s old clothes.