Interview with Arvida Byström in Göteborgs Posten

Arvida Byström is currently exhibiting Ett Dockhem in the group show Continuous Shift at Kristianstads Konsthall. Göteborgs Posten met up with her for an interview. Photo by Sara Johari.
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Fredrik Åkum at Emanuele Catellani Contemporary

Fredrik Åkum is featured in Emanuele Catellani Contemporary's project ECCPROJECT. Photo credits: ECC.
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Linnéa Sjöberg at Göteborgs konsthall

Linnéa Sjöberg is part of the exhibition Burnout at Göteborgs konsthall. Sjöberg is exhibiting works from the installation "Kjell". Photo by Henrik Zeitler.    
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Release of Erik Gustafsson's book Paus Between Thought and Action

Erik Gustafsson is releasing a new book titled Paus Between Thought and Action. In Erik Gustafsson's book Paus Between Thought and Action, he proposes a new way of looking at the series containing three typologies – people, objects, and abstract compositions. The book features an essay by Lina Aastrup. Design by Andreas Friberg Lundgren. Self-published by Erik Gustafsson 2022.

Hanna Hansdotter at the Glass Factory

The solo exhibition Techno Forest by Hanna Hansdotter opened at The Glass Factory last month. The exhibition includes both three-dimensional and two-dimensional work surrounding themes such as mutability and creation.  Photo by Jonas Lindström Studio.

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En studie i grått by Ragnar Persson

The book titled "En studie i grått" was released in conjunction with the opening of Ragnar Persson's solo exhibition by the same name last month. The book is made together with Kaunitz-Olsson featuring a foreword by Nina Hemmningsson. Photo: Kaunitz-Olsson.

CHART Art Fair 2022

For CHART 2022, 26.08- 28.08.22 the Gallery is presenting a series of new paintings by the well-established Stockholm-based artist Malin Gabriella Nordin. As a part of CHART Cinema, the gallery will present ’Domino’(2016) by Akay & Olabo. Books by GSB affiliated artists will be available for sale as part of CHART Book Fair.
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Arvida Byström performing at "Art in a Day 2022: 24 hours of performance art across Copenhagen".

Arvida Byström is performing at Art in a Day: 2022 in Copenhagen on 24.06.22. The performance will be held at Overgaden. Please visit Art in a Day for additional information.

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Akay & Olabo at Stockholm Konst "WALLSTREET".

Akay & Olabo are part of WALLSTREET Stockholm 2022 by Stockholm Konst. WALLSTREET Stockholm is a public art exhibition showing 222 art pieces by various artists throughout the city.

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Anastasia Ax public installation at Väpnarplan

Anastasia Ax public installation Brottyta (röd/vit) at Väpnarplan in Stockholm commissioned by The Public Art Agency (Statens Konstråd) curated by Peter Hagdahl. Photo by: Ricard Estay, Statens Konstråd.
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GSB at Market Art Fair 2022

GSB is part of Market Art Fair taking place at Liljevalchs 29.04–01.05.22. You will find us in booth 31. Visit us to see works by Swedish artists Anastasia Ax, Arvida Byström, Matti Kallioinen and Leo Park. Opening hours Saturday 11-18 and Sunday 11-17. Liljevalchs Konsthall Djurgårdsgatan 60, 115 21, Stockholm.
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Oskar Nilsson at Kristinehamns Konstmuseum

Oskar Nilsson is part of the group exhibition "Jag hade den märkligaste dröm" at Kristinehamns Konsthall. The exhibition opens on March 12 and is on view until May 15.
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Malin Gabriella Nordin at Lidköpings Konsthall

Malin Gabriella Nordin opens at Lidköpings Konsthall with her solo exhibition "Uppför Slänten" on March 12. The exhibition is on view until April 30th.
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Leo Park at GR Gallery in New York

Leo Park's solo show “The Speed Of Ice Cream” opens on Wednesday, March 16, at GR Gallery in New York City.
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Linnéa Sjöberg's solo exhibition "PANIK" in Kunstkritikk and in Omkonst

Linnéa Sjöberg’s current exhibition “PANIK” discussed in Kunstkritikk by Valerie Kyeyune Backström and in Omkonst by Maria Backman.

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Erik Gustafsson at Mariatoget metro station

Erik Gustafsson’s series of photographs; “Pause Between Thought and Action” installed at Mariatorget metro station in Stockholm.

Arvida Byström at Arken Museum of Modern Art

Arvida Byström is part of the upcoming exhibition "Women and Change", a group exhibition focusing on 150 years of representation of women and gender. The exhibition opens tomorrow at Arken Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen.

Tommy Sveningsson at Teckningsmuseet (The Museum of Drawings)

Tommy Sveningsson is preparing for a solo exhibition at Teckningsmuseet (The Museum of Drawings) in Laholm. Opening 12.02.22. The museum will be showing a wide range of Sveningsson's previous and current Work.

Hanna Hansdotter in Vogue Scandinavia

The latest issue of Vogue Scandinavia features an interview with Hanna Hansdotter. In conversation with Saskia Neuman Hanna Hansdotter talks about her work and life in Småland. Photo by Vogue Scandinavia.

Ylva Carlgren at Rackstadmuseet

Ylva Carlgren's show (together with artist Charlotte Walentin) titled Gradience has opened at Rackstadsmuseet. On view are several of Carlgren's impressive watercolor paintings, including brand new work by the artist. Photo by Rackstadsmuseet.    

David von Bahr and Leo Park at Ruttkowski 68

David von Bahr and Leo Park featured in Ruttkowski 68's group show project "Mixed Pickles" in Cologne, opening December 5th, 2021.