Group Show
After Laughter

With Jesse Littlefield, Jon Pilkington, Mason Saltarrelli & Søren Sejr.

The show gets its title from a 1964 single of the same name, sung by American singer Wendy Rene whose wistfully crooned statement of “After laughter comes sadness…” serves as a reminder to acknowledge the pleasures of the present. With Stockholm’s sweet relief of summer hastily becoming but a memory, and the world at large seeming to be ablaze, we wish to present an exhibition that can act as a jubilant now.

The participating artists were invited because of their individually unique abstract expressions. Their respective oeuvres are united not only in their abundance of colour, but also in their connotative powers. All working from figurative inspirations, they manage to relay tangible objects and experiences as abstracts that are thrilling while relatable.