Candela Capitán
The Death at The Club

The Death at The Club is a performance piece by Spanish artist Candela Capitán.

Choreographer, dancer and performance artist Candela Capitán (Sevilla, 1996) oscillates between worlds and moves permanently in a gray zone between the popular and the subcultural, stage and fashion, performance and dance. She plays with female sexuality and voyeurism, she loves to dive into the abysses of human life and highlight its dark sides, but always with an ironic and playful vision of things. Her work explore the activation and deactivation of social ties, putting the body in relation to other bodies, objects and collective images. The new communication technologies, the cross-border relations between artistic disciplines or the intergenerational impactand its consequences are some of the concerns that run through her pieces. Candela Capitán creates dreamlike spaces and parallel realities in the form of choreographies, installations or performances that invite the viewer to participate directly in their tensions, joys and delusions.

Also featured in the performance is DJ Pandora’s Jukebox. Yasmina Dexter goes by Pandora’s Jukebox when weaving together multi-textured takes on electronic music. Spanning from east London’s late 90’s rave scene, Pandora’s Jukebox has occupied Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall with NTS Radio, Berghain Saule experiment, Panorama bar and Berghain’s main dancefloor amongst others, solidifying her as an institution among the most seminal underground clubs in Europe and North America. Dexter holds residency at Cicciolina Paris, GAF and is a long-standing Art Basel noisemaker.