Erik Gustafsson
This is Farewell

Gallery Steinsland Berliner welcomes you to This is Farewell an exhibition and a book release by Gothenburg based photographer Erik Gustafsson (b. 1987, Sweden). This is Farewell is an autobiographical story which aims to explore the indeterminate borderland between fictive and documentary photography. By returning to his birthplace, Gustafsson is examining and raising questions about the relationship between parent and child, and how origin and heritage shape the process of coming into being

The exhibition will be installed in the gallery according to plan. In light of the recently elevated restrictions from The Public health Agency of Sweden, we wish to keep visitors in the physical space to a minimum. You are free to visit the gallery on Wednesday 04/11, but we urge you to instead partake in the exhibition from afar. You can do this by keeping up with our social channels or emailing to receive images and information. The gallery is otherwise open by appointment. We are not able to accept groups of more than 5 people for the time being.