Malin Gabriella Nordin
Floating From Within

Malin Gabriella Nordin (b. 1988) is a Swedish artist currently residing and working in Stockholm, Sweden. She received a BFA from Bergen Academy of Fine Arts in 2013 and has since been a force to be reckoned with on the contemporary art scene, her art reaching far beyond the Nordic borders with an ever growing international presence. Nordin is a cherished friend of GSB, we have previously exhibited her work in two separate shows, multiple group shows as well as at Market Art Fair. Needless to say, we are thrilled to announce a separate show, with brand new pieces by Malin Gabriella Nordin, titled Floating From Within.

A complete embracing of colour, texture and form are essential to Nordin’s way of creating. Her body of work include grand-scale paintings, smaller drawings, sculpture and collages. The relationship between artist and material is in this case one of complete synergy, Nordin is a visceral creator, her process is navigated by the dialogue taking place between her and the material, one action leading to another – the final outcome often a revelation even for her.

Floating From Within is a series of paintings showcasing Nordin’s characteristically abundant colour palette. The exhibition offers up a significant stylistic change for Nordin with the incorporation of human forms in her paintings. The artist has described this newfound presence as a sort of “return” to something more primitive. Physical attributes often being the first thing we either instinctually draw or are schooled in drawing. The paintings are intricate, almost collage-like in their arrangement, beautifully merging the artist’s various mediums. The recurring theme of nature is present, albeit this time it is of a slightly different character. Nordin’s previous work has more often than not been abstract meditations, seldom figurative in manner. This time around, we appear to be somewhere. Perhaps in some sort of dreamscape, the almost mosaic composition mimicking the way we remember imagery in dreams. Perhaps it’s reality dispersed through a prism, the artist’s eye unveiling the commonly overlooked.

Wherever it is, Malin Gabriella Nordin’s aesthetic world is as emotive and gloriously rendered as ever.