Hetty Douglas

Gallery Steinsland Berliner is proud to present Flooded, a solo exhibition featuring work by British artist Hetty Douglas. Flooded marks the first time the artist shows her work in Sweden. Comprised of a series of abstract paintings executed in spray paint, acrylic and charcoal on unprimed canvas, Flooded offers an insight into an intriguing contemporary painting practice.

An open-minded approach towards chosen mediums makes Douglas’s work appear refreshingly dynamic. By not limiting herself to paint in its traditional sense, she is free to explore the qualities of alternative mediums such as plaster and cement, and in the case of Flooded; charcoal and spray paint interspersed with strokes of acrylic.

Gestural and deceptively unintended; the markings and arrangements that make up Douglas’s compositions emerge by way of the artist’s physicality and tell a story of personal experiences and observed surroundings. Traces of corrections and circumstantial impact are left visible, showcasing an aspect of vulnerability and allowing for the paintings to appear almost as open endings in the way they seem to elude finality and embrace the stages of becoming.

The shapes, colours and occasional written elements juxtapose each other to form their own sense of movement, imbuing the paintings with a certain energy that at times feels close to animation or digitally rendered imagery but is ultimately a testament to the artist’s own transferral of energy.

Hetty Douglas (b. 1992, UK) is an artist currently based in London, England. She holds a BA HONS in Illustration from University of the Arts London (UK). Her work has been exhibited at locations across England, as well as in the US. Flooded is the artist’s first exhibition in Scandinavia. This is the first time the artist works together with Gallery Steinsland Berliner.