Jeanette Hayes
Wait Wait Don't Tell Me; A Euphoric Endurance

American artist Jeanette Hayes will exhibit in three venues around Stockholm from 07.10.23: Steinsland Berliner, Riche at Östermalmstorg, in the Stockholm Metro at the station Gärdet as a part of the project Konstväxlingar.

The work presented at Steinsland Berliner is inspired by a tapestry from the late 19th century and reimagined. Hayes has through embroidery and embellishment elevated the tapestry’s joyful original scene to a state of exuberance. Broken into three mini scenes, each harmonizing within a primary triad, which altogether makes up a large gathering of people, characters, shapes, textures, and colors. Through layers of collage, a gap is bridged between centuries, merging tradition with innovation, and inviting viewers to appreciate the beauty of yesteryears through a contemporary lens. The juxtaposition of historical and contemporary imagery remains a constant motif throughout Hayes’ work.

Three drawings accompany the tapestry, each in a state of life. These are not the usual three stages of life, but rather three arbitrary moments: childhood, the essence of existence, and transcendence. Extending the concept of being alive. Furthermore, two small editions of etchings delve into this exploration– one featuring kewpie dolls symbolizing childhood, and the other portraying a vivacious partygoer, clad in a harlequin outfit, embodying the spirit of celebration and life itself.

All three exhibitions that open in October engage in a dialogue, uniting their artistic narratives. At Gärdet, 20 collages are filled with imagery of stillness and waiting, echoing the very emotions of anticipation one may feel in the train station. The work for Steinsland Berliner is for after that wait. The coming back to life, the renaissance.

Jeanette Hayes’ work addresses the traditional preservation of non-traditional technological and pop imagery through painting, video, digital manipulation, and Internet collages. Hayes’ interests include cultural phenomena and the confrontation of conventionality and subject matter. Her fascination with the imagery we navigate daily and their correlations to civilization and ownership.

Jeanette Hayes (b. 1988, US) is a painter/multimedia artist based in New York. Originally from Chicago, Hayes moved to NYC and received a BFA from Pratt Institute. With international solo shows in Italy, France, and Belgium, Hayes has also been included in an exhibition at the Spirit Museum in Stockholm and exhibited at various galleries in New York and Los Angeles including Half Gallery, M+B Gallery, Allouche Gallery, The Hole, The National Arts Club and more. In 2019, Hayes was curated by the Culture Corps to create a public art installation at the Hudson Yards in New York, which was on view for one year. Jeanette Hayes has made animated GIFs and videos for Proenza Schouler, CHANEL, Alexander Wang, Cynthia Rowley, Vogue and Opening Ceremony. She has won artist sponsorships from BlackBerry and Blick Art and was chosen by Purple magazine to create their artist book in 2016, titled “five”. Hayes has been featured in the New York Times, Vogue Japan, i-D, Complex Magazine, Interview Magazine, Dazed, Purple Magazine, Paper Magazine, Playboy and TimeOut New York chose Hayes as one of the “5 most important new artists in New York City.”


The exhibition and surrounding project has been curated by Alida Ivanov.