Our Winter Show 2022

Gallery Steinsland Berliner welcomes you to join us for this year’s closing exhibition opening at the gallery on Friday 25.11 at 18.00. Titled Our Winter Show, the exhibition has been a recurring end of year event since the gallery’s beginnings. Consisting of works by all gallery represented artists, as well as additional contributions from artists admired and invited by the gallery, Our Winter Show is a joyous gathering dedicated to old and new friends. Our Winter Show features works by:

Akay & Olabo, Anastasia Ax, David von Bahr, Ylva Carlgren, Arvida Byström, Bigert & Bergström, Erik Gustafsson, Hanna Hansdotter, Mattias Nordéus, Malin Gabriella Nordin, Oskar Nilsson, NUG, Matti Kallioinen, Leo Park, Ragnar Persson, Linnéa Sjöberg, Gunnar Smoliansky, Danilo Stankovic, Tommy Sveningsson, Fredrik Åkum, Éva Mag, Elin Elfström, Elina Eriksson, Andrej Dúbravsky, Jakob Ojanen, Moa Romanova, Luna Lopez, Lasse Thorst, Signe Ralkov Jaana-Kristiina Alakoski & Varg.