AKAY & Olabo
Permanent Vacation

Akay & Olabo share both a background in graffiti and a particularly relaxed attitude towards the limitations and boundaries set either implicitly or straight up literally by society. This attitude pertains predominantly to their artistic vision which is guided by their exploratory and adventurous sensibilities. Together they have set up various installations and projects in public spaces, scenes which are often left uncommented by the artists but presents the observer (or in some cases participant) with a full range of possible conclusions; is it witty, critical, nonsensical or offensive?

Recent years have seen them enter abandoned and/or restricted areas which they seize as their own, transforming them into idiosyncratic playgrounds. Empty warehouses and long forgotten greyed out office buildings unexpectedly reemerge filled with objects both gathered and created. The spaces are ordered but chaotic, if wandering upon them unexpectedly they could conceivably be seen, with equal conviction, as either a fussed over exhibition of readymades or the workings of a mad man.

Because of their circumstantial, and often precarious settings, Akay & Olabo’s installations tend to be temporary. Their process, which is one in which spontaneity and creative play take absolute priority, is the core of their artistic practice. The pleasure of disturbing and designing is, for the artists, what make up this indulgent dream of a permanent vacation. Documentation of their work, through photography or designated separate pieces, act as tangible ruins of their impressive constructions.