Group Show
Smoliansky, Johansson, Petersen & Templeton

Gallery Steinsland Berliner (GSB) is pleased to present Smoliansky, Johansson, Petersen & Templeteon, a group exhibition featuring iconic photography by Gunnar Smoliansky, Gerry Johansson, Anders Petersen and Ed Templeton.

Smoliansky, Johansson, Petersen & Templeton is a self-explanatory title for an exhibition which is essentially a gathering of greats. Smoliansky, Johansson and Petersen are legendary depicters of life passing by in Stockholm and elsewhere. Templeton has similarly chronicled life around him in mainly Los Angeles, becoming a frontrunner for a category of photography highlighting the raw and real. We have chosen to display a series of photographs from these artists to celebrate the enduring impact of street/candid photography and the beauty of time captured and preserved.

Gunnar Smoliansky (b. 1933, Sweden) has faithfully documented the city of Stockholm, with special attention payed to the neighbourhood of Södermalm, for going on 70 years. His images are intimate and poetic, regardless of if the subject is a lover, a puddle or a shadow created by a hard angle. On display in this exhibition are portraits taken in Stockholm’s city centre during the late 1950’s.

Gerry Johansson (b. 1945, Sweden) captures the potency of stillness and space. Omitting people in favour of places and spaces, he photographs these in perfectly angular compositions that illuminates the inherent dignity of the place itself. The images from Johansson’s Deutschland-series depict various locations in Germany.

Anders Petersen (b. 1944, Sweden) studied at Christer Strömholm’s famed School of Photography as well as Stockholm Institute of Dramatic Arts. Experiences that surely contributed to Petersen’s animated style of photography. Petersen is known for his open-minded and joyous black-and-white pictures of people in their most unaffected moments. The images in this exhibition are part of Petersen’s Café Lehmitz series, photographed in Hamburg during the 1970’s.

Ed Templeton(b. 1972, US) is a professional skateboarder, photographer and artist. His mix of personal and observational diary-style photography has greatly impacted the genre. He developed his particular style of photography through documenting the youth culture and lifestyle happening around him. Templeton’s project Kissing Teenagersspanned many years and has generated several shows and publications.