Tyrrell Winston
Playing Possum

GSB is proud to present Playing Possum, the first exhibition in Sweden by American artist Tyrrell Winston.

Tyrrell Winston (b.1985) found his way to Playing Possum by first listlessly, then very much intentionally, wandering the streets of New York City looking for trash to be used in creations initially inspired by the Dadaists. Proclaiming that ”one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” may very well be worn out, but it is none the less true of what Winston finds on these expeditions. Deflated basketballs, cigarette stumps and tattered old basketball nets are the relics of social and cultural life in a city, as well as a reflection of Winston’s personal interests and experiences. These objects function as Winston’s building blocks for what becomes meticulously assembled sculptures. Winston is not erasing the history of these objects, he is treating them to a purposeful afterlife and in so considering the way we view not only waste but the actions leading up to it.

Emblematic of Winston’s philosophy is Better On The Nose Than In The Eye, a piece comprised of found basketballs nets which Winston has collected. The old nets are replaced by the artist, the piece thus facillitating a service for the community. Comboy Killers, a basketball coupled with empty cigarette packets is a nod to Winston’s methods of passing time as a child versus as an adult. The two-toned A Rock In The Towel is made up of old tarp and auto paint. The piece represents the protection of something highly valued and references the tarps covering the cherished cars of his childhood neighbors.

Tyrrell Winston lives and works in NY, NY.