Arvida Byström


Arvida Byström (b. 1991 in Stockholm, Sweden) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work is rooted in ideas that deal with the internet and its social, aesthetic and commercial implications. She is known for employing a hyper- feminine aesthetic to explore themes concerning the complexities of femininity, identity, body image, social dynamics, emerging technologies and economic principles through primarily photography, performance and sculpture work.

By her early teens, Byström was publishing stylized portraits of herself on social media platforms, effectively foreshadowing the communicative power of the selfie. The following years saw her evolve into somewhat of a proxy for a young generation cultivating their identity, expression and influence on predominantly image-based social platforms. Her early understanding of the internet and its aesthetic and communicative pervasiveness led to an artistic practice perfectly adept at deconstructing and theorizing its language.

Recent years has seen Byström branch out both materially and thematically, such as in her 2021 exhibition titled Artificial Scarcity, which was comprised of NFTs, hand-carved marble sculptures and photography that centered around themes of current and historical economic bubbles.