Hanna Hansdotter


Swedish artist Hanna Hansdotter’s novel take on glass art has received well deserved praise and attention since her degree show at Konstfack University in 2017. Produced in a historically significant Swedish area dubbed Glasriket (Glass country), Hansdotter’s work is a contemporary take on a centuries-old tradition of industrial glass blowing in the district. Her decadently voluptuous sculptures are produced by blowing molten glass into specially molded iron frameworks that give the glass its intended pattern. The sculpture is then left to settle into whichever shape it happens to assume, ensuring that even editioned work is unique. Her practice is a self-described exploration of the nexus between craft and mass production. Industrial production methods guided by artistic intentions.

Hanna Hansdotter’s work is represented in the permanent collection of Sweden’s National Museum of Fine Arts, the collection of The Public Art Agency Sweden and several private collections. Hanna Hansdotter (b. 1984, Sweden) lives and works in Småland, Sweden. She holds a BFA from Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design (Stockholm, SE) and received her glass blowing qualifications from Kosta Glass Center (Kosta, SE).