Erik Gustafsson
A House of Clay

Gallery Steinsland Berliner is pleased to present A House of Clay, a solo exhibition by Gothen- burg-based photographer Erik Gustafsson. The exhibition is based on Gustafsson’s latest photobook, published in 2024 by the French/English publisher Loose Joints, sharing the same title. The exhibition’s title, A House of Clay, suggests a malleable structure. Gustafsson approached his latest series of photographs with this concept in mind, allowing them to interact in various ways depending on the context and form of presentation.

Erik Gustafsson’s artistry explores the possibilities and limitations of analog photography. His work is recognizable for its light manipulations and almost painterly effects, adorning his photographs of both intimate and documentary subjects. Much of Gustafsson’s process takes place in the darkroom, where he engages in an experimental practice grounded in a thorough understanding of photographic techniques.

Erik Gustafsson (born 1987, Sweden) lives and works in Gothenburg, where he also earned an MFA from HDK-Valand.

The exhibition is accompanied by essays written by Elisa Medde and Louis Nitze. Click to read.