Danilo Stankovic



Danilo Stankovic (b. 1981, SE) lives and works in Malmö. He holds an MFA from Malmö Art Academy. Stankovic’s work which includes paintings, large- and small-scale sculptures as well as works on paper has been exhibited at several museums and galleries across the country. His work is represented in the collections of Malmö Konstmuseum and the Swedish Public Art Agency among others.

The work of Danilo Stankovic has long existed in a world governed by myth and magic. In accordance with a folkloric tradition which remains influential to the artist, Stankovic has imagined the world enchanted and depicted it as such. Intrigued by how shared stories shape reality, and how easily they fall into mystical obscurity when no longer necessary, Stankovic’s work has often explored themes and symbols common throughout the cultural history of European storytelling.